It seems somewhat funny to write about day trips from Ljubljana when the whole country is accessible within less than a 2 hour drive from the capital city. Since we love road trips, this is our dream. We can hop into the car any day and the whole country is at our fingertips!

It helps that driving through Slovenia is a pleasure. The roads are well taken care of and easy to navigate. The countryside is filled with lush rolling hills dotted with cute little towns in between. We often prolonged our drives by detouring off the main highways just to enjoy the back country roads.

For those who want to base themselves out of the capital city for the majority of their trip to Slovenia, here are some of our favorite day trips from Ljubljana:


Logar Valley

Distance from Ljubljana: 67 km / 1.5 hours

The Logar valley is a protected region located in the north of the country. It is one area that we wish we spent more time in as there are a multitude of hiking trails thought the park that could keep you busy for days.

Although there is a small entrance fee, it is well worth the visit. The valley is full of small farms, forests and waterfalls, all surrounded by towering mountains. For us it brought back many great memories of our time in Switzerland.


Most na Soci

Distance from Ljubljana: 83 km / 1.5 hours

When visiting Most na Soci it is hard not to notice the beautiful glacial lake located in the town. A nearby dam caused the river to back up and flood the valley with aqua colored water. There is a nice walking path around the lake and many different recreational activities that can be done in the area.


Kanal ob Soci

Distance from Ljubljana: 126 km / 1.5 hours

You may notice a pattern here. “Soci” is a river that courses through western Slovenia, and given its alpine nature, it has a beautiful aqua color to it. Kanal is another one of the towns that sits on the Soci river (“ob Soci”).

This town is known predominantly for its picturesque stone bridge over the river. Every year in mid-August they host a diving competition where contestants get judged off their dive from the 17m high bridge.


Church of St Primoz

Distance from Ljubljana: 52 km / 50 minutes

This is a short but beautiful stop. The Church of St Primoz is located outside the tiny village of Jamnik, just off a windy, one-lane gravel road. The road leads you to a dead-end near the edge of a cliff, where the church sits alone, beautifully perched overlooking the forested valley below. On a clear day, you can see the entire valley and the Alps in the distance.


Skofja Loka

Distance from Ljubljana: 23 km / 25 minutes

Skofja Loka is known for its charming medieval old town, which the government has recognized as a site of historical significance. There is a small river running through the town and a castle up on the hill that make for nice day of wandering with some gelato in hand.


Predjama Castle

Distance from Ljubljana: 62 km / 52 minutes

This dramatic castle built into a cliff with a secret underground cave system is a must-see. Visit our detailed post here for more information.


Slovenia’s Tuscany: Goriska Brda

Distance from Ljubljana: 119 km / 1.5 hours

Yes, Slovenia has wine, and it is great. To visit the “Tuscany of Slovenia”, see our detailed post here.


Head to the Beach: Piran

Distance from Ljubljana: 121 km / 1.5 hours

Slovenia’s coast might be tiny, but it’s worth a stop. Enjoy the Mediterranean food and beaches of Piran: our detailed post here.


Postojna and Skocja Caves

Distance from Ljubljana: 53 km / 42 minutes

These caves are some of the most impressive you’ll ever see. Visit our detailed post here for more information.