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I feel like when you ask most people about their favorite city in Poland, it tends to be Krakow. As much as I loved Krakow as well, I think my favorite so far has been Warsaw.

Unfortunately most of Warsaw was destroyed in World War II, so much of the city has had to be rebuilt since then. I recognize that maybe this new, colorful facade of buildings and lively streets are what draws me so much to the city and biases my decision… but with comparison to many of the war-torn regions seen across the country, I can’t help but find this positive shine on Poland refreshing.

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We were lucky enough to have our family friend Sylwia host us during our stay there, and show us all the best places to eat and visit. We started off in one of my favorite places to stroll: Nowe Swiat (“New World”). Bakeries, cafes, and shops line the streets, making it a warm and inviting place to wander.

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We had an early dinner where Shane enjoyed the ultimate skewered meat. And only in Poland would your bill arrive with a complimentary round of shots! No after dinner mints here!

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Old Town is even lovelier to walk through, a beautiful area with much history. Not only did we find good food and outdoor art markets here, but also delicious gelato at “Lody” – an ice cream shop whose line-up winds around the corner. And you know you’ve hit the end of old town when you stumble upon the restored old town walls.

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Lazienki Park is a huge 180 acre park in the city that is really quite stunning. It is full of well manicured greens, fancy bathhouses, and numerous peacocks. It is also home to the Chopin memorial, where piano concerts occur in the park every Sunday.

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