Another day, another colorful Guatemalan city!

When we flew into northern Guatemalan to see the ruins of Tikal, we stayed in the nearby town of Flores. Since this is city is one of the main hubs for visitors getting to Tikal, it a predominantly tourist driven town full of hotels and restaurants.

Flores is also a tiny, tiny circular town plopped into the center of one of Guatemala’s northern lakes. There is just one single causeway which connects the town with the mainland. It’s a sight to see, even catching my eye from the plane as we were landing. We can’t provide you with an aerial image, but Google Images has a good one if you click here.

So what’s the positive of Flores being a tourist heavy spot? Flores is one of the safest towns in Guatemala, and for the first time, we felt safe to go out after dark and wander quiet city streets on our own. There was something refreshing about going out for a late evening drink on our last night in Guatemala.

Flores also happens to be even more colorful than Antigua, which made it impossible not to go wild with picture taking. I apologize in advance for all the photos of colored walls.

Flores is also where we ended our trip in Guatemala, being our last stop before flying home out of Guatemala City.

Guatemala amazed us in many ways, and we loved every moment of our trip! Thanks again for following, and we’ll see you in a couple short months when we head back to Europe…