We conquered San Fran today.

Our feet barely ever touched the ground.

IMG_1579 750x500

We rented bikes at the start of the day and didn’t return till the late hours of the night. 40 km later, and battling at least 10 separate intense hills, I don’t think our legs know how to move anymore.

Our ride took us along the coast of San Francisco, across the bridge, into Land’s End, through the Golden Gate Park, and then up and down the hills of various San Franciscan neighbourhoods.

IMG_1454 750x500

However, the bike ride was beautiful and I can’t imagine a more amazing way to see the city, the Golden Gate bridge, and the outlying areas around San Francisco.

I also can’t imagine having more pictures of a bridge…

IMG_1568 750x500IMG_1565 750x500IMG_1529 750x500

We also thought we should inform our friends, who warned us there are no beaches in San Fran, that this massive sandy shore was only one of at least six beaches we biked past today: