Happy Easter Everybody!

We were very proper today and went to church in the spirit of Easter:

Chapel of the Holy Cross - Sedona - Wanderlusters

I was mentioning how much the landscaping has been changing, and when we got to Sedona, Arizona I felt like it was a perfect blend of everything we’ve seen so far.

Sedona Red Rock Arizona - Wanderlusters

Red rocks in grand formations mixed with lush green forests make Sedona a really scenic town. And somehow it is seems very unique, as just a couple miles in any direction outside of the town, and the environment changes completely and the red rocks disappear.

Sedona Red Rock Views - Wanderlusters

(PS – I want that house.)

Nestled inconspicuously into the rock is the 50-year old Chapel of the Holy Cross, with what I’m sure are some of the best views of the area. The architecture of the church makes it unique – it is almost hidden among the background yet seems to rise right out of the rocks so naturally!

Chapel of the Holy Cross 2 - Sedona - Wanderlusters

Chapel of the Holy Cross 3 - Sedona - Wanderlusters

Chapel of the Holy Cross Inside - Sedona - Wanderlusters

So once again, Happy Easter from Arizona!