Just a short post to share some beautiful scenery from Horseshoe Bend, an area north of the Grand Canyon where the Colorado River forks around in a horseshoe pattern.

IMG_5166b 750x500

I’ve seen a few photos of Colorado river Horseshoe Bend previously, so I didn’t imagine it would be too much different… but I was shocked at how much more amazing it is in person!

Wanderlusters - Arizona Postcards - Horseshoe Bend (950x633)IMG_5156 750x500IMG_5193resize

As a little side note, here is a photo of the skyline as we were driving out of Utah. If you look at the skyline, you can get a bit of an idea of the Grand Staircase of plateaus we were talking about yesterday.

IMG_5107b 750x500IMG_5130wideresized