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I know Sandra just went to Seattle, but I felt left out so I had to return for a little tour of my own.

Tom and I wheeled the RV into Seattle at about 4am and while looking around for a parking spot downtown were told by Scott that we were crazy and  “will never find a spot”. So we went into a nearby residential area where we got to sleep on a slant, park in front of someone’s house, and damage the RV for the first time…

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Then in an attempt to park at a lot downtown we were scammed by a local mischief-maker who took our money and ran. Seemed legitimate as he gave us this parking ticket. However, we were only later informed by some locals that we were ripped off…

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Oh well, we eventually found parking about one block away from the market under the freeway near a local homeless population.

After spending the day roaming around Seattle we hit up the Mariners game and then took some late night skyline photos of the city.

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Next stop…Portland, Oregon.

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