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Back to Berlin (our previous visit is in this post). I love this city! It’s a perfect mix between the old and the modern, and I feel like the attractions are endless. Though modern, the city gives plenty of focus to creative works of art and to green spaces. And, despite being the biggest city in Germany, Berlin has a laid back atmosphere and the people are friendly.

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We visited a few repeat sites, including the Bradenburg gate, the Holocaust memorial, and the remaining Berlin Wall.

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But, this time when we went to the former Reichstag, we lined up among the tourist crowds to get to the dome. We didn’t wait too long, and I think it was worthwhile as the dome is a neat work of architecture.

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It’s fun to see some shows when you travel, as you get to see attractions that otherwise may never come to your home city. So, we enjoyed an evening watching the Blue Man group in Potsdamer Platz. The show was fun, with my favorite part being at the end when the lights dimed, a slow strobe light effect started, and waves of confetti and ribbon fell upon us. We passed these between one another, all joyfully confused and laughing.

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